This is a tentative roadmap for KITA Foundation's development
2024 Q1
  • UI/UX rebranded version launching
2024 Q2
  • Develop self-custodial wallet on KITA
  • Open Alpha version of auto airdrop service on KITA
2024 Q3
  • Open Alpha version of influencer system
  • App version (Android and iOS) development
  • Beta for auto airdrop service
  • Search Engine upgrade
2024 Q4
  • V2 of KITA including all dev works done by Q1~Q3
2025 Q1-Q2
  • Open Live streaming system for influencers
  • Develop KITA academy streaming service
  • Integrate Web 3 injected self-custodial wallet system as KITA's own wallet system
  • Start to develop custodial service for major mainnet coins and tokens
2025 Q3
  • Launch KITA's DeFi staking service
  • Develop a linkage and bridge solution for mainnet swap with global exchanges