Legal Disclaimer

Disclaimer Clause
Please read the following carefully. The following applies to everyone reading this whitepaper. The whitepaper (hereinafter referred to as the whitepaper) is provided and written as of the time it was written. It may be changed or updated at any time at the discretion of the Kita team, regardless of the contents contained in this whitepaper. We do not guarantee that any content of this whitepaper will not change until a future date.
If there is any doubt about the content of this whitepaper, you should consult with an accountant, attorney, or other professional before making a purchase.
1. The purpose of this whitepaper is to provide summarized information and an introduction to what the Kita team is preparing. This whitepaper does not legally bind Kita Foundation or the Kita team, and any statements in the whitepaper do not constitute a subscription, purchase, investment proposal, or investment solicitation.
2. All information and analysis provided in this whitepaper should not be considered as a basis for investment decisions or construed as investment proposals or advice. Any future-oriented content or data in this whitepaper may change for any reason, may not be accurate, and should not be relied upon for any guarantees or commitments.
3. The Kita team, including directors, agents, employees, contractors, and sales partners, will not be liable for any kind of direct or indirect damages that may arise from the information contained in this document, including but not limited to: (1) the accuracy and completeness of the contract contents in this whitepaper; (2) errors or omissions in the whitepaper; (3) inability to access the whitepaper due to unverified reasons; (4) any other damages resulting from the use or non-use of the whitepaper.
Furthermore, the Kita team will not be held responsible for the following even if prior warning has been given or if such damages were foreseeable based on decisions made using the information contained in this document: (1) profits, revenues, liabilities, and all forms of monetary losses; (2) income, sales, capital reduction, debts, and other losses incurred during business transactions, business activities, and related profit activities; (3) data loss or corruption; (4) consequential or special damages; (5) wasted or lost management time; (6) indirect or incidental damages.
4. The contents of this document may change due to ongoing developments, market changes, technological advancements, and alterations in ICO or token regulations. However, the Kita team is not obligated to notify or report to readers about changes within the scope of events, platforms, future plans, and estimates mentioned in this document, or any alterations within a reasonable margin of error.
5. The information provided in this document regarding legal, tax, regulatory, financial, and accounting matters is not advice. The purchase of KITA tokens may result in material losses, including the assets paid by buyers for the purchase of KITA tokens. Before purchasing KITA tokens, buyers are advised to consult with professionals in fields such as taxation, regulation, finance, law, and others to assess potential risks, returns, and consequences that may arise from KITA token transactions.
6. Determining the legal permissibility of acquiring and disposing of KITA tokens, as well as addressing any income tax or other regulatory issues related to acquisition and disposal within one's legal jurisdiction and handling overseas exchange. This is solely the responsibility of the KITA token purchaser.
7. The publication and distribution of this whitepaper are prohibited in countries where such actions are prohibited. The information contained in this whitepaper has not been verified or authorized by any regulatory authority, and it does not confer any legal power on the Kita team. The publication and distribution of this whitepaper do not guarantee compliance with the regulatory requirements of the country in which it is issued.
8. The official document for KITA is this whitepaper, which is written in Korean. This whitepaper may be translated into other languages and used for verbal or written communication with prospective buyers and existing buyers, and in this process, some information may be distorted, misinterpreted, or lost. Therefore, please be aware that the accuracy of such alternative communication cannot be guaranteed. In the event of any inaccuracies in communication, the information in this official whitepaper written in Korean takes precedence.
9. All contents of this whitepaper are protected by copyright. You may only download or print individual sections of the whitepaper for personal use or if there are other ownership notices. You may not reproduce this whitepaper in its entirety or in part, by electronic or other means, or modify, link, or use it for public or commercial purposes without prior written permission from the Kita team.
Investment Risk
Kita team acknowledges various risks, including the potential for buyers to incur significant losses in the purchase price of KITA tokens. The accuracy of the information regarding these risks and uncertainties is not guaranteed. Buyers are considered to have agreed to purchase with full awareness of the inherent risks and without any form of guarantee for KITA tokens, both in terms of trading and holding them, in their current state.
1. Blockchain Risk: There is a risk associated with blockchain systems, including the possibility of delays or invalidation of transactions due to congestion. In particular, the smart contracts responsible for the issuance and distribution of KITA tokens are built on the Ethereum blockchain technology. The Ethereum protocol may have vulnerabilities and weaknesses, potentially leading to various bugs, including the loss of KITA tokens. Problems with the Ethereum blockchain could result in financial losses for the Kita team and KITA token buyers.
2. Privacy Risk: User's personal information is required for the distribution and control of KITA tokens in the buyer's electronic wallet. Therefore, if personal information is leaked, KITA tokens in the buyer's electronic wallet may also be compromised. Furthermore, the leakage of the buyer's personal information could potentially allow third parties to access the buyer's electronic wallet and steal KITA tokens.
3. Security Risk: Like all other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is vulnerable to mining attacks, such as 'double-spending attacks' or '51% attacks.' Hackers or malicious groups with ill intentions can potentially attack Kita team or KITA tokens using these attack methods, and if such blockchain attacks are successful, they could significantly impact KITA token transactions and the KITA token itself.
4. Electronic Wallet Compatibility Risk: To purchase or store KITA tokens, you must use an electronic wallet that is technically compatible with KITA tokens. If you use a different wallet, you may not be able to access the KITA tokens you have purchased.
5. Force Majeure Risk: KITA is still under development, and the Kita team will make efforts to develop and maintain it as described in the whitepaper. However, due to various reasons such as legal, design, technical, regulatory, administrative changes, the Kita project may undergo changes. The Kita team will not be liable for any decrease in the value of KITA tokens, losses, or liquidity issues resulting from unforeseeable factors. These include changes in regulatory frameworks, required permits and licenses, unfavorable developments affecting the platform or open-source projects, lack of market interest, and similar events.
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