Kita Foundation

The Kita Foundation represents a blockchain-driven Web 3.0 social networking community platform. Kita functions as a pioneering collaboration hub, catering to content creators, consumers, influencers, and Blockchain Based WEB3 projects. It employs the Social-Fi model to facilitate content monetization and user engagement, thus delivering an optimized communal experience.
The overarching objective of the Kita Foundation is to act as a bridge between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. It endeavors to establish an innovative infrastructure geared towards fostering the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. Central to this mission is the pivotal role played by the community. This community not only serves as a driving force behind mass adoption but also contributes to the delineation of industry norms, shared perspectives, and the evolving lexicon of the ecosystem, all of which inherently motivate its constituents.
In the realm of Web 2.0 communities, a prevailing issue emerges as many of these platforms fall short in providing equitable compensation to their users. Instead, they often capitalize on user-generated personal information and data to bolster their profitability. This skewed dynamic has given rise to an ecosystem where loyal users and those willing to pay higher service fees reap disproportionate rewards, resulting in an environment marked by uniformity and irrationality.
Within this challenging landscape, characterized by a dearth of rewards and royalties, influencers and content creators grapple with the added complexity of sifting through misinformation and fraudulent activities.
The Kita team is committed to tackling these persistent issues that impede the progress of the Web 3.0 ecosystem. They aim to do so by implementing the blockchain-based Social-Fi model, which is designed to elevate user engagement and invigorate the ecosystem. Kita introduces diverse roles to enable users to partake in their preferred activities within the community, including:
  • Content Requesters: These are individuals, Blockchain Based WEB3 projects, or companies that put forth content ideas. Their primary objective is to collaborate with influencers, and they submit comprehensive content creation requests for consideration.
  • Influencers & Content Creators: They produce content based on received ideas, which is then converted into NFTs, ensuring ownership rights for both creators and requesters.
  • Content Consumers: They enjoy, share, and engage with content, receiving rewards in return.
'Kita’ means 'us' in Indonesian. In the Kita community, cryptocurrency project teams, among other content requesters, can collaborate with creators to produce new content. Content consumers support, communicate, and directly interact with creators. As a result, requesters and creators can collaboratively produce and monetize content. Furthermore, the community allows individuals to meet experts from various fields and engage with them. Kita is a Web 3.0 social networking space where people can collaborate with diverse individuals in the broad cryptocurrency ecosystem to revive ideas and generate stable income.
Over the past two years, the Kita community has closely collaborated with over 30 partner companies, evolving into the only service in Indonesia that offers real-time access to cryptocurrency investment information, project updates, and major crypto news outlets. Currently, Kita stands as Indonesia's premier cryptocurrency community, attracting over 100,000 visitors monthly. Kita aims to expand from Indonesia to a global audience.
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